Atlanta Attorney Helping You Prepare Your Will

Most people do not like to think about preparing their last will and testament. However, there are several advantages to starting the process now, the most important of which is that you can remain in control of the process.  By acting while you are healthy and focused, you can make clear and considered decisions, reserving both time and vitality to see that a proper  groundwork is laid to carry them through. In Atlanta, and throughout North Georgia, people turn to John Ratterree II, Attorney at Law, for experienced estate planning guidance. With 30 years of legal experience, Mr. Ratterree can help you draft a will that accurately reflects your wishes for what you want to happen with your estate.

Why You Need An Attorney’s Help During This Process

While many websites offer simple “do-it-yourself” wills, there are many important questions that you may not think about, which could lead to disputes during the probate process. An attorney like Mr. Ratterree can help you with situations such as:

  • Deciding which sentimental belongings should go to which person
  • Leaving some property to friends or to charity
  • Leaving your estate in proportions other than those the legislature would have chosen for you — either for tax or “real life” reasons
  • Ensuring your heirs receive their inheritance in trust rather than outright — at least until they are older, have finished their education or some other condition
  • Leaving a second spouse money in trust for his or her life, then guarantee that the money will go to the children of the first marriage upon the second spouse’s death
  • Providing for an elderly, sick or disabled relative

Mr. Ratterree has dealt with numerous clients who started out with the best of intentions but were victims of poor planning. When you work with a lawyer like Mr. Ratterree, you can have peace of mind knowing that your will addresses every detail.

It Is Never Too Early To Start Planning

At John Ratterree II, Attorney at Law, make sure that your exit is a planned exit. To schedule a consultation to discuss drafting your first will or modifying an existing will, call 404-256-1185. You can also contact the firm by email.