Planned Giving

Atlanta Charitable Giving Lawyer

Charitable giving can be a very rewarding and heartwarming experience. Whether you wish to donate to a non-profit or charity –or whether you want to organize your ownprivate or public nonprofit– the thought of knowing that your hard-earned funds are being put to good use can offer great peace of mind and uplift your spirit. Sometimes, however, simply writing a check just isn’t enough.  Also, increasingly, donors are concerned that, over time, their wishes may be disregarded by recipients in favor of other agendas.  In these situations, when you want to give more, the creation of a planned giving vehicle can help you provide funds over long periods of time, in turn giving the charity or nonprofit of your choice a recurring income.In an effort to assist in the charitable giving of clients in Atlanta and across North Georgia, John Ratterree II, Attorney at Law, provides detailed support on the proper completion of planned giving vehicles. With 30 years of experience as a lawyer and an advanced LLM in taxation, Mr. Ratterree is confident in creating planned giving arrangements that maximize your funds and the assistance you can provide to the entity of your choosing.

Helpful Advice To Help You Continue To Give

Rather than simply writing a check for a finite amount, a planned giving vehicle can help you extend your funds and provide increased income for a charity or nonprofit organization. It also allows you to provide specific, long-term direction to your gift, along with leveraging income value.

By helping in the creation of an effective planned giving vehicle, Mr. Ratterree works to keep your funds alive and active. Such an arrangement can provide lasting income to your charity and can protect your charitable intentions.

Mr. Ratterree offers advice on a number of planned giving vehicles, including:

  • Nonprofit organization creation
  • Giving arrangement
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Bequests
  • Gift annuities

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